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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
-- Anatole France, French writer

I have demonstrated effective project management skills in a variety of business, educational, and community settings. I have recently received the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation from the Project Management Institute. The field of project management has matured considerably since I first began managing large IT projects at Safeco, and I've enjoyed refining my knowledge and skills in anticipation of new opportunities ahead. I hope the information below will give a sense of the kinds of projects that I have had the opportunity to lead.

-- Michele Anciaux Aoki, Ph.D. P.M.P. December, 2006

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IT Project Management Experience

I worked for Safeco Insurance Company in a variety of positions in IT from 1980-1996, including two periods of contract work (1989-90 and 2000-2004). During this time, I worked on and led a number of projects. Here is a sample of some of my work:

  • As a consultant at Safeco on web development and information design, I managed and delivered a variety of intranet web projects, including the employee and manager online content for the new performance management system for the Focus on Performance project.
  • As analyst/instructor in Systems Education, I led a variety of projects to enhance the skills of Safeco employees, including managing the design and delivery of a workshop developed with Quality Assurance analysts, called “A Team Approach to Quality,” as well as the "Safeco Project Management Workshop" developed with project managers in the company.
  • As project manager for the Agency 2000 project, I recruited, trained, and led a cross-departmental team of over a dozen programmer analysts, systems analysts, quality assurance analysts, database analysts, and technical writers to design and implement a new distributor management system. I planned and estimated project development efforts, conversions, and implementation of new databases and online transaction designs and coordinated communications with other enterprise-wide projects, including the Customer Information File. I was responsible for initiating, defining, executing, monitoring, and closing out a series of sub-projects to accomplish specific project goals, and I handled communications to a wide audience of stakeholders at high levels of the company.
  • As unit supervisor for the Electronic Mail project, I managed staffing and project planning and communications for development of a new enterprise-wide email system for Safeco employees and agents, a multi-year effort spanning multiple departments and involving contract programmers

Project Director - International Education

International Education has been a passion of mine since childhood, and in recent years, I have had the opportunity to lead a variety of projects in this field.

Project Management Education

Key Consulting

  • MS Project 2003 - Summer, 2007
  • PMP Exam Review Course (40 hours) - Fall, 2007

Puget Sound PMI Presentations

  • Five Sigma Project Management: Emerging Best Practices to Achieve Better Bottom Line Results by John M. Nevison, - 4/10/2006
  • Results-Based Estimation and Project Management by John M. Nevison, - 4/10/2006

Bellevue Community College (courses from Project Management Certification):

  • Making Sense with Numbers 2/27/2006
  • Introduction to Project Management 2/16/2006 - 3/16/2006
  • Easy Ways to Give Good Presentations: Techniques for Managers 2/14/2006

Project Management Training at Safeco Insurance Company

  • Safeco Project Management Workshop - (presenter) December, 1995
  • Principles of Project Management - 2 days by Eric Verzuh of Versatile Corporation June, 1995
  • Intro to Project Management - 16-hour self-study course November, 1991

Leadership, Management, and Technical Training Completed

Grant Writing 2-day seminar by GrantWritingUSA Jan, 2003
Visions Seminar 7 weeks by Resource Realizations Fall, 1999
Focus Seminar 4 days by Resource Realizations June, 1999
Discovery Seminar 3 days by Resource Realizations April, 1999
Leadership Institute 3 days by American Express October, 1998
Object Role Modeling & InfoModeler 5 days by Asymetrix July, 1996
Life Orientations Training 2 days at SAFECO Spring, 1996
Relational Data Modeling 6-hour video course November, 1995
Structured Systems Design 6-hour video course November, 1995
Structured Systems Analysis 6-hour video course November, 1995
Software Testing 3 days by Data-Tech October, 1995
Database Modeling 1 day at Catapult June, 1995
Visual Basic Application Programming 6-hour CBT January, 1995
Access 2.0 8-hour video/PC course Fall, 1994
Intro to Object Technology 5-hour CBT Fall, 1994
Visual Basic Level I, II 4 days at Bellevue C.C. Fall, 1994
GUI Standards for Windows 3.1 6-hour video course October, 1994
A Course in GUI Design 6-hour video course October, 1994
Introduction to C Programming 4-hour CBT September, 1994
InfoModeler 1.0 4 1/2 days at Asymetrix September, 1994
Database Design and Administration 5 days at IBM August, 1994
Object-Oriented Analysis & Design 12-hour CBT May, 1994
Micro Focus COBOL 4 1/2 days at Micro Focus February, 1992
Supervisor’s training at SAFECO Spring, 1986
Productivity thru Structured Testing 18 hour course December, 1985
Yourdon Structured Design 5 days at On-Line, Inc. December, 1983
COBOL, IMS, JCL, Online IMS weeks at SAFECO 1980-1982

Training Courses or Seminars Developed and Delivered at Safeco

I developed or co-developed the following courses and presentations at Safeco Insurance Company:

  • Online Writing Workshop (2-day seminar for Contact Center and Employee Service Center)
  • Process Modeling and Business Systems Planning (1 1/2 hour presentations for the Data Modeling Users Group at SAFECO)
  • SAFECO Project Management Workshop  (9-hour workshop) 
  • “A Team Approach to Quality” Workshop  (7-hour workshop on building quality assurance into the systems development life cycle) 
  • Client/Server “brown bag” training sessions (3 1-hour sessions) 
  • Testing Overview  (2-hour seminar) 
  • SAFECO Writing Workshop  (6-hour workshop)
  • Data Modeling and Object-Oriented Analysis & Design  (2-hour seminar) 
  • Training on Micro Focus COBOL  (5 1-hour sessions)
  • Introduction to Time Management  (2-hour seminar)
  • Practical Online Testing (2-hour seminar based on Compuware seminar)
  • Online IMS Training Program at Safeco (five complete self-study courses, plus learning objectives for three others)

Presentations on Goal Setting

Goal Setting is a critical skill in business, education, and life! Success in project management is to a great extent dependent on success in goal setting. I have been invited to make presentations on SMART Goals on a number of occasions. Here are some samples:.
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